How would you prefer Mary Jane to die?

As reported earlier, Marvel Comics sent to CBR News today a cryptic image of Peter Parker and Mary Jane accompanied only with the text, "The End Of An Era."

Speculation as to its meaning is of course rampant, but what seems plainly clear in the Joe Quesada illustration is that Spider-Man's marriage is over, and as a woman in a superhero comic, MJ's fate is almost certainly sealed. We're cutting to the chase and asking you, our readers, for your thoughts on the real question here:

How would you prefer Mary Jane dies?

A) Stephanie Brown AKA The Spoiler (Torture)B) Gwen Stacey (Slept with Green Goblin, thrown off a bridge, neck broken)C) Karen Page (Drugs, porn, HIV, impaled in chest)D) Sue Dibny (Brain stomped by microscopic feet, hanged, flamethrower)E) Alexandra DeWitt (Strangled, stuffed in refrigerator)

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