How Will Blade Be Introduced Into the MCU?

The Daywalker is set to finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe played by two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali in Blade. While this is great news for fans of the character, the question remains how he will slot into the established MCU. The nature of Blade’s adventures are of course steeped in the supernatural, with appearances of enemies from traditional horror tales like vampires and were-creatures.

That would open up a whole new world within the MCU, one Marvel Studios has yet to explore fully. We’ve had small brushes with demons courtesy of The Hand on the Marvel Netflix series, but how can the studio most seamlessly introduce Blade? What's more, are vampires already among the living of the MCU?

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Blade Versus Deacon Frost

Which version of Blade we will get, and what his motivations are, need to be considered. His first outing in the MCU may take a different approach to the previous films, starring Wesley Snipes. Marvel could choose to explore an inexperienced and less-aggressive Blade, inspired by his early incarnation in the comics. It probably won’t involve his gaudy green goggles, but it could include Blade learning how best to fight vampires and his team-ups with early allies like Van Helsing.

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On the inverse, Marvel can revive the no-nonsense, gruesome business-handling Blade. That incarnation of Eric Brooks is instantly more recognizable to audiences and has become synonymous with the character. Echoes of Wesley Snipes’ sword-swinging, black-clad Daywalker have influenced his design in the comics a lot in recent years, even as recently as his current Avengers version.


Another way Marvel could introduce Blade into the MCU before his own movie, is through Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, whose title seems to promise a change of the status quo that in Spider-Man: Far From Home was only a feint. The Sorcerer Supreme could enlist the assistance of Blade at some point, maybe even entering an alternate universe in which vampires are the dominant threat.

It's not unlikely Blade and Strange would cross paths, as they've worked together in the comics, and were even part of the team the Midnight Sons. The two heroes recently fought alongside one another against Mephisto in the Doctor Strange-led crossover event, Damnation.

It would be a great way to acclimate fans to the idea of Blade in the MCU, showing him alongside established characters before rolling out his own film. That worked well for Black Panther, as Captain America: Civil War set up the character nicely for his blockbuster solo film.


In Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow receives status reports from heroes across the globe, and the galaxy, five years after Thanos' snap. Okoye mentions a seemingly normal undersea earthquake off the coast of Africa. The reference led to speculation about the existence of Atlantis and Namor. However, it could mean far more sinister.

In Marvel comics, vampires are descendants of creatures that first appeared in Atlantis. Using a dark magic tome known as the Darkhold, Atlantean sorcerers unwittingly brought the early versions of these beings to this world. They evolved over time into the more traditional vampires Blade fights. Perhaps the earthquake was due to immense magical feedback, and the vampires are now unleashed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Of course, that might mean Blade would be battling more physically imposing monsters than usual. It would also mean they weren’t around to enact his traditional comic book origin, in which Blade’s pregnant mother was bitten by a vampire, granting him his immunity to the vampiric disease. However, Marvel Studios isn't opposed to switching up origins, as we’ve seen in characters like Ultron and Drax.

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