How to tell if that 'Action Comics' #1 you found is just a reprint

It's easy to imagine that news of Action Comics #1 selling for $3.2 million sent some people scurrying to the attic or basement for a copy they swore they saw somewhere, only for them to return empty-handed. However, a few may have unearthed what they thought was the Holy Grail of comics, only to later learn it was fool's gold: a dreaded reprint.

The scenario has apparently occurs often enough to lead Heritage Auctions to produce a video explaining to (undoubtedly heartbroken) collectors how they can tell the difference between the genuine first edition and DC Comics' 1974 Famous First Edition oversize reprint.

Heritage notes that while the outside cover clearly marks it as as a reprint, it was often removed, leaving us with a (granted, oversize) version of Action Comics #1. But if that size isn't a tip-off, then cover details that were cropped out of the reprint will clue you in.

It's not only Action Comics #1 that you have to beware of: DC released nine issues in its Famous First Edition line, which also reprinted Detective Comics #27, Sensation Comics #1, Whiz Comics #1, Batman #1, Wonder Woman #1, All-Star Comics #3, Flash Comics #1 and Superman #1.

(via Boing Boing)

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