How to make a 'Mad Max'-style flame-throwing guitar

George Miller's acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road is a visual feast, from the rich colors to the awe-inspiring landscapes to the jaw-dropping stunts. But few were discussed as often as Doof Warrior and his show-stopping, if wholly impractical, flame-throwing guitar.

Now YouTube inventor Colin Fruze shows you how to make your own -- y'know, if you happen to have a fully equipped workshop, a couple of spare blowtorches, and I'm guessing a substantial amount of training. Oh, and an electric guitar, of course.

There's still the matter of a fleet of cars and a legion of War Boys, but you can sort that out later.

Alas, we'll have to wait until Fruze's next video to actually see the guitar spew flames. That'll give you plenty of time to summon those War Boys.

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