How to buy Cyclops' sunglasses (or, 'shades like Summers')

Ruby quartz doesn't sound that unattainable, but finding sunglasses similar to what X-Men leader Cyclops wears is harder than you might think. Freelance editor/journalist Rachel Edidin has written an excellent buying guide for Cyclops fans who want to look like the cinematic Scott Summers.

"I own a lot of red sunglasses – in fact, for a long time, all the sunglasses I owned were red," Edidin admits. "It’s part homage, part aesthetic preference (red sunglasses are cool, okay?), and part security blanket: Cyclops is a character I identify pretty closely with for a lot of reasons, and the sunglasses have become a pretty central touchstone for that metaphor. (Plus, everyone needs at least one ridiculous visual affectation, right?)"

She provides detailed notes on how to replicate the shades worn by Cyclops in the various X-Men movies, including his cameos in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Edidin plans to eventually write up details on buying sunglasses similar to the ones worn by Cyclops in comics as well.

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