How to become Batman (Step 1: Be filthy rich)

It took a lot for Bruce Wayne to become Batman: a lot of money, a lot of training and a lot of determination (or, y'know, obsessiveness; potato, po-tah-to). However, if you're not the sole heir to a multimillion-dollar fortune -- at least $682 million of that would go toward the mansion, Batmobile, gadgets and, yes, butler -- you can at least become Batman-like.

In the latest installment of "Epic How To," host Joe Bereta offers some tips -- pulled from real life, real-life superheroes and even RZA -- on how you can transform yourself into a vigilante, possibly without getting killed or arrested.

Don't hold your breath at that Batcave, though. Best case scenario? You're going to have to shell out at least $5 million ...

(via io9)

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