How The End of the F***ing World Sets Up Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Netflix's The End of the F***ing World.

The second season of The End of the F***ing World promised to be intriguing, given that viewers had no idea where the series would go following a rousing Season 1 finale, which ended just like Charles Forsman's graphic novel, with James (Alex Lawther) getting shot by the police, and presumed dead, after they thought he kidnapped Alyssa (Jessica Barden).

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However, we learn he survived, with the new episodes picking up two years later, with James trying to profess his love for Alyssa. Unfortunately, they've been marked for death by Bonnie (Naomi Ackie), who stalks and befriends them as part of a sinister revenge plot. Thankfully, in the season finale, the lovers subdue her and finally begin something akin to a romance, albeit with multiple factors that could further complicate matters should the show get renewed.

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We're not talking about James. Alyssa got married at the start of this season season, in hopes of filling the gaping hole James left in her life. Alyssa's mother forced James to write her a letter breaking off their relationship while he recovered from his bullet wound. As a result, Alyssa embarked on a romance with Todd, a teen she met she while working at her aunt's cafe. A shotgun wedding quickly followed, only for Alyssa to run away when James came to protect her, because Bonnie mailed them bullets engraved with their names.

By the Season 2 finale, Alyssa returns home to Todd, but when he shows her he's willing to forgive her and build a home together on a plot of land he bought, she coldly tells him she wants a divorce. Her inconsiderate actions turn out to be the nail in the coffin, because the end of their relationship pushes Todd to the brink.

James even shows up at their home looking for Alyssa, so Todd could easily tip over and become the next antagonist, knowing now the duo is looking to forge a life together.


James endures a trying time when his father dies from a heart attack early in the season, leading the teen to live in his car with his ashes. He carries around the urn, as he can't bear to stay at home with their memories. So when Bonnie's bullet comes, he's eager to set off on a road trip and save the love of his life. Most of the episodes center on James trying to admit his feelings to Alyssa, but he always chickens out.

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In the final scene of the season, after they scatter the ashes of Phil, the lovers have lunch in the hillside, where Alyssa admits she knows he loves her, and that she feels the same. James beams, but she warns him not to get too excited, because he keeps say he lovers her, which could be mistaken for another comedic exchange. Actually, there's a deeper layer to this, because, throughout the season, Alyssa hints she might not actually love him, she may have just been looking at him as a way out of a confined life.


Bonnie set out on her revenge mission after the love of her life, Professor Koch, was killed by James and Alyssa in Season 1. The professor was the man who tried to rape Alyssa, but Bonnie has been gaslighted into thinking the older man loved her and wanted to marry her. She's obsessed with this vendetta, but the plan gets thrown off when she's nearly raped at a motel, leading to a melee where her gun accidentally goes off and kills the perp, the owner.

When Bonnie does eventually track Alyssa to her cafe after the lovers ditch her, she comes close to killing the girl and James. But finally accepting Koch was a vile individual, she decides to blow her brains out. James and Alyssa jump her and save her, though, comforting Bonnie as they sympathize with how she was manipulated. Bonnie ends up in jail again for the motel owner's death, but there's a chance that, just like James and Alyssa got off with self-defense for Koch's murder, Bonnie could as well.

However, the series leaves unanswered whether Bonnie still wants the couple dead, as she is still harboring feelings for Koch. She's been traumatized so much, we don't know her mental state -- and if she's freed, seeing James and Alyssa in love could push the unstable teen over the edge again.

Written by Charlie Covell, Season 2 of The End of the F***ing World is currently streaming on Netflix. It stars Alex Lawther, Jessica Barden and Naomi Ackie. 

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