How tall could 'Attack on Titan's' Titans really get? Not very

The flesh-devouring monsters of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan range in height anywhere from about 10 feet to a terrifying 200 feet (in the case of the Colossal Titan). But if the bestselling manga and hit anime were bound by the rules of real-world science, just how tall could the Titans really get? Not that big, it turns out. (Whew!)

Nerdist's Kyle Hill tackles the question in the latest episode of "Because Science," which delves into "the secret science in your favorite fandoms." He finds, unsurprisingly, that a humanoid body simply couldn't scale up to 200 feet: The strength of muscles and bones don't scale up at the same rate as volume.

"In other words," Hill explains, "if you scaled up a humanoid body to Titan-size, even scaled-up bones would crack under the weight of the very first step."

But what if Titans' muscles and bones were made of some other, stronger stuff? Well, there's still the matter of nerves: Information would be relayed so slowly through the enormous bodies that the Titans would have delayed responses to, say, an attack. Which, really, is great news for the Survey Corps.

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