How Supergirl Got the OK For Superman to Appear in Season 2

It turns out the producers of "Supergirl" didn't have to beg, borrow, or steal the Bottle City of Kandor to get Warner Bros. to approve the inclusion of Superman in the upcoming second season of The CW drama.

"I think people would love to hear that we had to promise our children and there was a blood right, and a goat was sacrificed," Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg told IGN, "but the truth is we're all partners, and we all want what's best and so it really wasn't a tough sell. We had our plan, and we presented it to Warner Bros. and to DC and they were totally supportive of it."

For Kreisberg & Co., bringing the Man of Steel into the fold was more a matter of timing. "I think we've spent a year establishing her, and the year ended triumphantly with her saving the world, so there wasn't any sort of doubt that Supergirl couldn't do it on her own," he explained. "It felt like you weren't bringing him in to save the day. It was bringing him in the same way that the crossovers with Flash and the Arrow ... it becomes about a partnership."


Even when "Supergirl" was still on CBS, the plan had been to bring Superman aboard in the second season. "How do you get people to come in and check it out and watch? This felt like the best way to do that," Kreisberg said. "We felt like we had an interesting, unique take on Superman because our show is viewed through the prism of Supergirl."

As for Big Blue's future, that remains up to the fans. "That's going to be up to Warner Bros., DC and the audience, quite frankly," Kreisberg offered. "If it turns out as well as we hope, and the audience responds, then we'll see what happens down the road."


Season 2 of "Supergirl" premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.

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