How Silly Is This?

It didn't occur to me until a CBR poster named Yue pointed it out.

Northstar was created in early 1979, so he's been around for almost thirty years.

He's been gay since Alpha Flight #1 in 1983 (perhaps before that, but I doubt John Byrne gave much thought to his characterization prior to Alpha Flight getting their own title).

He's been "out" since Alpha Flight #106, in 1992 - FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

In his entire published history, we've seen him kiss another character ONCE.

That character?


How silly is this?

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to reader Suzene, we can add two other characters to the list - a carny lady is so excited to see him in an early issue of Alpha Flight that she kisses him on the lips and he also kisses a nun on her hand. So make that "we've seen him kiss another character THREE TIMES," but one woman or three women, I think you get the gist of why I think the kissing thing is so absurd, right?

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