How much would it cost the Simpsons to live in Springfield?

Despite Montgomery Burns' unflattering reputation, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant must pay at least fairly well. How else could Homer and Marge Simpson afford that four-bedroom house and two cars, plus still plenty of money for shopping excursions, vacations and Homer's flights of fancy? His tab at Moe's Tavern alone must run hundreds of dollars a month.

Curious to know how much it might cost to live like a Simpson, consumer website Fat Wallet looked at five real-world Springfields -- in Oregon, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Massachusetts -- to get an idea.

It turns out Springfield, Oregon, and Springfield, Massachusetts, would sink the Simpsons' budget, for Homer's commute along: They're so far from nuclear power plants that he'd end up spending $10,153 and $7,466, respectively, in gas each year, just to get to and from work. Where's that monorail when you need one?

(via Design Taxi)

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