How Much of Lord & Miller's Film Actually Remains in Solo: A Star Wars Story?


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, in theaters now.

Among the many issues that surrounded Solo: A Star Wars Story during production was the firing in June 2017 of directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, when principal photography was nearing completion. Lucasfilm cited "creative differences," with reports surfacing of conflicting views between the directors and veteran screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and studio President Kathleen Kennedy. For example, according to several sources, Lord and Miller had been going off script and steering the film further and further into the genre of comedy, a move Luicasfilm was reportedly not comfortable with.

As you'd expect, significant changes were made to the film because of this. Ron Howard was brought on as director, reshooting more than 70% of the film in an attempt to swing Solo back to the vision Kasdan and Kennedy had for it: A space opera, with a touch of comedy. It was a considerably difficult task, considering the relatively short amount of time available until the scheduled release date.

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Howard was unable to bring any of his typical creative collaborators along, or to make any changes to the scripts, cast or crew with the exception of Michael K. Williams, who was replaced as Dryden Vos by Paul Bettany because os a scheduling conflict with reshoots. And, as you might imagine there were a lot of reshoots.

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By now, you might have already seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, and are curious about just how much of Lord and Miller's film remains. Their marks on the film are difficult to discern from the rest of the film, which is a testament to Ron Howard's ability to ensure that different aspects of film blend well, but we're going to do out best.

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