How The LEGO Batman Should Have Ended

One of the superpowers of the internet is the platform it provides for clever people to pull apart and remake existing properties. A parody is always fun, but the minds behind How It Should Have Ended have perfected the art of, well, perfecting movie endings. Every movie has its flaw, and HISHE is there to expose and rectify it with its own reimagining how features should've concluded.

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Now HISHE has turned its high-powered skepticism on The LEGO Batman Movie and come up with an ending that actually makes quite a bit of sense, and is hilarious to boot.


Usually, HISHE videos animate the re-written endings, but for The LEGO Batman Movie, the creators quite perfectly utilized the same stop motion-style animation used in the LEGO films, making for a pretty flawless revision. Those who have seen The LEGO Batman Movie will recall the climax between Batman and his spurned nemesis, The Joker, having to find common ground in order to put the literal ground back together and keep Gotham from falling apart.

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HISHE points out the most obvious flaw regarding Batman: his lack of actual superpowers in a world filled with superhuman beings. The clip ends with Batman and Superman playing with LEGO in a coffee shop while discussing some of the rather cold things the Dark Knight does in the movie to the Man of Steel, including nonchalantly destroying his family memories. Confident Superman and Angsty Batman will never not be funny.

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