How Kevin Smith's Daughter Harley Quinn 'Made Directing Fun Again'

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn has recently joined her father in the acting world. While interviewing Smith for Yahoo, the "Mallrats" and "The Flash" director got emotional about how directing his daughter helped restore his faith in filmmaking.

In the interview, Quinn began by asking her dad which actor he loved working with the most? In reply, Smith answered that he loved working with her, and not just because she was his daughter. This question prompted Smith to share a story about having a falling out with the film critic community while working on "Cop Out." Smith said, "I had gotten very dependent on positive critical reviews. I figured at that point in my life, if I poison the well, burn down the village and just fight with critics, I'll be free."

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Four years later, while working on "Tusk," Smith decided to ask Quinn if she would like to be in the film with Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily Rose. While they were shooting their scene, Smith remarked, "That's where everything changed. I let go of all that bitter sh-t that I held onto for so long, that 'me versus them' and that 'chip on the shoulder' artist sh-t." When Smith went home that day he told his wife that Quinn saved him because she "made it fun again."

Check out the profound father-daughter exchange in the video below:

Smith is currently directing an episode of "Supergirl" and co-hosting AMC's newest show "Geeking Out."

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