How Netflix's Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle Sets Up A Sequel

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, streaming on Netflix now.

Netflix's Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters concluded with an epic cliffhanger earlier this year, as it detailed humanity's return from the stars to take Earth back from Godzilla. 20,000 years elapsed since mankind was driven off-planet, and after its intergalactic expedition to locate a new home failed, the contingent returned to slay the lizard with new tactics up its sleeve.

Sadly, the monster they killed turned out to be Godzilla's offspring, and the mammoth parent and original creature who razed Earth ended up resurfacing at the movie's end to destroy the survivors.

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In City on the Edge of Battle, the remaining members of the alliance (a mix of humans and aliens who want to colonize the planet) find a trump card via nanometal, a special alloy which can kill the beast. However, their plans backfire big time, leaving Godzilla the victor yet again. Thankfully, in the process, humanity uncovers one final secret to level the playing field in the upcoming third and final chapter.

The resistance, led by Captain Haruo Sakaki, unearth a repository of nanometal at the base where Mechagodzilla was destroyed in the first movie. They also discover that the robot's brain has become somewhat sentient, using the alloy to create a city which acts as a defense-base, hidden from Godzilla as part of its evolution and overall survival. Haruo, with the aid of the Houtua people (indigenous survivors who've adapted to the monster's reign), works with the Exif and Bilusaludo alien species to use the nanometal and weaponize the base, laying a new trap for the creature.

In an explosive finale, Haruo leads a team of three, piloting Voltron-like robots called Vultures, into battle, using the mech-inspired weapons to lure the thousand-foot Godzilla into the city. There, they gun down the creature, trigger EMP devices to lower Godzilla's shield, and deploy nanometal harpoons to pierce its exterior; which as the first film showed would cause the monster to explode. Sadly, it proves able to adapt to this attack, and uses its internal heat generated as a weapon on the resistance.

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