How The DuckTales Reboot Changed Scrooge McDuck

Since returning in 2017, Disney Channel's reboot of DuckTales has found the sweet spot between staying true to a beloved classic and updating it for a new audience with modern tastes. Key to the way this reboot has succeeded is how it's handled its characters, particularly the show's penny-pinching yet lovable center: Scrooge McDuck.

The richest duck in the world (voiced by David Tennant), like all his incarnations, was initially rather cold-hearted towards his extended family. At the time of the show's pilot, "Woo-oo!," he'd been estranged from Donald (Tony Anselmo) for a decade and had never met the triplets. Suddenly having Huey (Danny Pudi), Dewey (Ben Schwartz) and Louie (Bobby Moynihan) thrust upon him so Donald could do a job interview, Scrooge couldn't handle all their questions and locked them in a room with nothing but a bag of marbles for company.

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Meeting Webby Vanderquack (Kate Micucci), the triplets accidentally unleash several ancient and evil spirits and monsters Scrooge had stored in his garage from a lifetime of adventure -- including the ghost of pirate Captain Peghook, the fan-favorite Manny the Headless Man-Horse and Pixiu the gold-hunting dragon -- which he had to save them (and his money bin) from.

Suddenly reinvigorated, Scrooge enlists the kids and his driver/pilot Launchpad McQuack (Beck Bennett) to help him recover the Jewel of Atlantis. Despite dealing with a crew of cutthroats hired by his rival, Flintheart Glomgold (Keith Davidson), that included an awkwardly positioned Donald (who'd been hired by Flintheart as a sailor thinking he was interviewing to be an accountant), Scrooge bested his angry rival and obtained the Jewel. Filled with a new zest for life and a desire to reconnect, Scrooge opened his home to Donald and the boys after their houseboat blew up, as Dewey had left the engine running.

After going on several adventures, Scrooge was forced to relive his greatest failure when the triplets confronted him about the disappearance of their mom and Donald's twin sister, Della (Paget Brewster). Clearly still haunted, Scrooge revealed that, before the boys were hatched, he, Donald and Della were struggling to find new adventures on Earth, with Della suggesting they go to space.

Inspired, Scrooge had constructed a rocket named The Spear of Selene as a surprise for Della after the boys were born. But she discovered it ahead of time and, leaving a note that the kids later found, told Scrooge she'd taken it for a test flight. Contacting her via radio, Scrooge was horrorstruck as Della unexpectedly ran into a cosmic storm. Despite Scrooge trying to talk her through it, the Spear was struck by a bolt of cosmic lightning and vanished.

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Heartbroken, the boys accused Scrooge of leading Della into the storm, something he furiously denied. Bitter, the boys and Donald left the mansion, while an equally irritated Scrooge stewed in solitude, not even telling the boys that he'd spent huge chunks of his fortune trying to find Della before his board of directors had stopped him.

Sinking into a deep depression, Scrooge was snapped out of it by the sudden reappearance of his worst enemy, Magica DeSpell, Uniting with his family to defeat her, Scrooge snapped back to his friendly self. In the show's still-airing (at the time of this writing) second season, Scrooge got an even bigger shock when Della (having been stranded on the moon for a decade) managed to get back to Earth, came home and rejoined the family.

DuckTales returns in September.

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