How Doom Patrol Sets Up Season 2

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the Doom Patrol Season 1 Finale, "Ezekiel Patrol," streaming now on DC Universe.

Doom Patrol's debut season ends on a triumphant note, with the dysfunctional team achieving some measure of victory over Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk). However, it's bittersweet because, after the revelation Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) used them as lab rats, the Patrol no longer trusts him as they chart a course forward at Doom Manor.

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Seeing as they've also picked up a very intriguing addition to the roster, let's look at how a Season 2 has been set up as the Doom Patrol attempts to pick up the pieces and become what the Chief had in mind in the first place.

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The finale shows a lot more of Niles' backstory, as we witness how he caused the accidents of Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer) in the '70s and Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser) in the '80s. Most of all, in the '60s it's apparent how heartless he was working with the Ant Farm to unearth metahumans so he could weaponize them.

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However, Niles seems to genuinely be sorry now after the Patrol helps him recover his kidnapped daughter, Dorothy, from Nobody. She was hidden on Danny Street and has displayed reality-altering powers, so the Patrol, especially Jane, want to ensure Niles doesn't abuse her abilities. He's learned the error of his ways, and with Dorothy needing her dad, Season 2 can explore Niles seeking redemption through raising Dorothy.

This arc is a big change from the comics, where Dorothy was an ape-like child who was given up for adoption by a couple in the Midwest. Niles found her and trained her to be a hero, as she could bring imaginary items to life. We're not sure how the series will handle the rest of her powers, but this, as well as what happened to her mother, Slava (the cavewoman Niles hid away from the world), opens the door to course correct the Chief's selfish journey.


The Bureau of Normalcy was dealt a severe blow this season when the Patrol rescued Cyborg and freed all the inmates from its secret prison called the Ant Farm. It's easy to see the government agency coming to Doom Manor's doorsteps for retribution, as the finale showed them holding Niles on a short leash so he could conduct his work with Larry, Rita and others in peace.

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To atone for his past, Niles might even be looking to mentor some escapees, creating a deeper rift between himself and the Ant Farm, especially as the breakout saw vicious creatures like the Butt Army roaming free. With Danny the Street also turning into Danny the Brick in the finale, and Niles harboring him at the manor, that's another reason for the Ant Farm to come knocking.

Last but not least, the Ant Farm lost its prized possession in Flex Mentallo, and after Flex helped the heroes find Niles in the White Space, chances are he'll be working with them once more. We're not sure if Flex will officially join the team, but him being on the loose is another reason for the villainous organization to send its soldiers on a recovery mission.


Mr. Nobody in the Doom Patrol finale

The finale ended with Nobody trapped in the White Space painting after being betrayed by the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals. It was always his purpose to make Dorothy his apprentice and cause everyone to turn on Niles, so, after failing, bet your bottom dollar he'll return for revenge.

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He currently has his latest ally, the Beard Hunter, trapped with him, so it's easy to picture them forming a new brotherhood. Nobody's been obsessed with DC's Trinity as well, so the addition of Dorothy to the show opens the door for her enemy to align with them in the shape of the Candlemaker.

The Candlemaker's a supernatural entity that offered Dorothy three wishes, which would allow it to enter the real world. In the comics, it was obsessed with Dorothy's powers, running afoul of Niles in the process and eventually killing him at one point. Thus, Nobody may well get the third piece to complete his eccentric puzzle as he aims to break the Chief once and for all.


This season introduced Joshua Clay, a former associate of Niles, who's left to take care of the first incarnation of the Doom Patrol in Mento, Celsius and Lodestone. They disbanded after Nobody defeated them. Now, a medicated Mento is projecting an illusion that they're all young and running a school for superpowered children.

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The finale brought Jane back to Joshua's "school" after finding out Niles wrecked her life and, here, we see Joshua actually has a serum which could curb metahumans' out of control powers. He wants to make amends for being Niles' apprentice at the Ant Farm, so the show could explore Joshua actually opening his own school and becoming a good version of Niles.

Joshua longs to make his derelict compounds a place of therapy, and with folks escaping the Ant Farm, he could have a vast array of students to choose from. He also played a big part in Dorothy's battle with the Candlemaker in the books, so Niles might even recruit his former friend to help out on the parenting front and rebuild their fractured friendship.


Niles caused all these accidents because he wanted to manipulate his students' abilities to see if they could help him prolong his life. He wanted to become immortal to protect Dorothy from the likes of Nobody, and he actually had a wish list of subjects with Joshua at the Ant Farm. It seems the Bureau might have been continuing this project on its own, so Niles and Joshua might have to rally together once more to shut it down for good.

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In the comics, Niles tried to create the immortality serum for General Immortus, a Nazi-like villain, but turned on him after figuring out he was evil. This tyrant could factor into Season 2 by trying to also seize the work for himself, which creates an opening for the Brotherhood of Evil to come to the party, as Immortus was once a member.

These groups of villains corrupting the Immortus initiative would be the perfect reason to get the Patrol back on hero duty, especially as we don't know what the program devolved into. Given Niles' list, who knows, whichever society properly weaponized the Immortus targets might even be able to bring their own evil version of the Doom Patrol to the table.

Streaming now on DC Universe, Doom Patrol stars Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele, Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor, Diana Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody, April Bowlby as Rita Farr, Joivan Wade as Vic Stone and Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder.

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