How Doctor Strange Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended Strange

If you've seen "Doctor Strange," then you know that it had an ending that set it apart from many of its Marvel peers. Instead of concluding with a gigantic fight scene wherein giant ships crash into tall buildings, "Doctor Strange" went a different direction. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) defeated Dormammu (also Benedict Cumberbatch) with, of all things, a logic puzzle.

But that logic puzzle, created by the Infinity Stone representing time, also created a bit of an in-universe puzzle as well. If Strange could manipulate time masterfully enough to defeat a supervillain, couldn't he also, you know, go back and save a whole bunch of other dead people in the MCU?

The folks over at "How It Should Have Ended" wondered the exact thing and built on that premise for their "Doctor Strange" video. As with previous "HISHE" videos, this one concludes with Superman and Batman giving their own hot takes on how "Doctor Strange" ended, this time right to Strange and the Ancient One's faces.

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