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How Do You Deal With Remakes?

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
How Do You Deal With Remakes?

Normally, when it comes to remakes, I try and remain in a zenlike state: They happen, they’re part of the industry and I try and ignore them as much as possible. And then they go and announce a Thin Man remake starring Johnny Depp with Rob Marshall as director, and I become completely conflicted. How are you supposed to react to seeing something you love making an unexpected, uncertain comeback?

You see, I can’t just ignore the idea of The Thin Man being remade for a new audience, in part because I love the original movies so much – Admittedly, as the series went on (It ran for six movies, from 1934 through 1947), each new installment was slightly less enjoyable than the one before, but even the final movies had a wit and speed unusual for their time, and the performances of William Powell and Myrna Loy remained entirely watchable the entire time – but also because Depp is one of those actors who, for me, has earned at least a look-see for each new project, because (Pirates of The Caribbean aside) they’re rarely dull. And this new Thin movie definitely falls into the “not dull” category, with rumors that Marshall plans on making it a remake of the first two movies in one – meaning two completely separate murders to be solved, on different coasts – but also adding a couple of song and dance numbers for reasons that aren’t immediately apparent.

It’s one of those things that sounds so wrong that it just may be right, if that makes sense; there’s no reason on the face of it for there to be any musical interludes, and Depp may be too… well, too handsome and together to convincingly play Nick Charles. But he is charismatic as hell, and the strangeness of the musical moments may make them more enjoyable and the movie more off-kilter as a result… so… Perhaps the benefit of the doubt must be given. The whole thing made me wonder, though: What is the correct response to one of your favorite movies being remade?

I’m opening it to the floor of the internet: When one of your favorite movies/TV shows/whatever is announced as about to be remade for a new audience, how do you react? Do you find yourself overly invested in it, because you loved the original so much? Do you try and pretend that it doesn’t exist, out of a sense of self-preservation? Does it not bother you in the slightest, because you can draw a distinction between the original and the remake? Or do you get really excited, because it means the original will probably make some kind of special return on DVD or daytime Syfy channel marathons? Leave your take in the comments.

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