How Do New Printings of Comics Make Sense?

I will admit, I am not an expert on comic sales (I will pause while you pick yourselves up off the ground), but I do not understand how it makes sense for DC Comics to constantly be doing new printings of comic books.

Green Lantern Corps #14 is going back for its THIRD printing!

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 has already gone back for its FOURTH printing. Its FOURTH printing!!

I understand it if the book sells more than expected, like, say, the first printing of Sinestro Corps. Totally expected (although, with the events of that issue, you would think DC should have been pretty darn sure they would have been able to sell more copies of that comic, as they even have Eddie Berganza talking in the DC Nation page about how pumped HE was when he saw the storyline they had planned for the comic).

But once that demand has been established, why not just print MORE copies of the next parts? You HAVE to know that they're going to sell out, right? I get that doing a second printing probably costs barely anything more than just printing the same amount of extra copies, but what benefit, exactly, is there to doing a second print for a comic company, when the second print is not a matter of unexpected sales, but sales that the company KNOWS it will get? I get that they do not want to sit on copies when they can just print new ones, but that's only a problem if there is ANY doubt whatsoever that they WILL be sitting on the copies, which is not the case in many instances (such as the case of the Sinestro Corps War).

In the past, people have theorized that the news announcements of "Book X SOLD OUT!" make the books seem "hot," and that may have been true for a time, but you have to figure that by now, people have figured out that it is simply a matter of not printing enough copies, right?

And yet, DC certainly has people in charge of these decisions who have put lots of thought and research into the question, so I guess they know better than I, and that there is a good reason for doing it this way - I just can't figure out what that reason is.

Do you folks know?

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