How Did Karnak Avoid Terrigenesis?

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Reader Steve K. wrote in to ask how Karnak avoided Terrigenesis following the events of Infinity and the release of the Terrigen Mist cloud on Earth?

First off, we have to remind readers what we're talking about here.

Karnak is the only member of the Inhumans Royal Family who was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists. He gained his ability to discover the flaw in anything from meditation and training (plus the use of his general skills due to being an Inhuman).

This was because his brother is Triton and their parents didn't want to see what would happen to their OTHER kid if he was exposed to the Terrigen Mists.

So anyhow, in Infinity #3, Black Bolt then detonated the Terrigen Mists over New York City...

This turned them into a cloud that would travel the globe and transform anyone who has Inhuman ancestors (the Inhumans inter-mingled with humans millennia ago).

So, now that we know what the deal is, let's answer Steve's question.

I think the answer is shown in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #5, where we see that Moon Girl (who knows she has some Inhuman in her and is thus trying to avoid Terrigenesis herself) is able to do a pretty good job tracking the cloud...

Even though, the next issue, she ends up falling victim to the cloud (luckily, her transformation is a very benign one)...

So therefore, once we have proven that you CAN track the Terrigen Mists, then it is clear that obviously Karnak can then use his power to avoid being exposed. He can see the flaw in anything, he can certainly see the flaw in the air patterns of a cloud that we have seen could be tracked by traditional methods.

And, of course, now the cloud is gone, but still.

So there you go, Steve! If anyone else has a comic book related question that they'd like to see answered, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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