How the MCU's Cloak & Dagger Got Their Powers

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "First Light," the series premiere of Cloak & Dagger.

Freeform's Cloak & Dagger has officially arrived. In "First Light," the explosive series premiere, protagonists Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson discovered they both have powers beyond their wildest imagining. However, unlike the comics, they weren't the victims of an experimental drug ring or test subjects for an illicit medical procedure. Instead, they were created totally by accident, thanks to situations totally outside of their control.

Though their powers didn't truly manifest until their teens, Tandy and Tyrone got their powers when they were just children. Tandy's story began at ballet class, when the young girl realized her father had forgotten to pick her up. Using a flip phone, she called him, only to discover he'd gotten caught up in his work at Roxxon Oil Corporation. He came to get her in his car hours later, as night fell over the city. On the ride home, he took several work calls, which distracted him to the point he swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic. With a truck bearing down on them, he veered straight off a bridge, crashing the car in a lake.

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On the other hand, Tyrone spent the afternoon trying to help his brother Billy. After Billy's friends tried to pressure him into stealing a car radio, Tyrone did the deed for him in an effort to help his brother out. When Tyrone confessed what he had done, Billy suggested returning it to make things right. On the way back, however, they were intercepted by a cop car. Billy and Tyrone took off for the docks by the same lake, with the cops in pursuit. Billy stopped at the edge of the dock as Tyrone hid out-of-sight. Startled by a loud noise, a cop with a distinctive scar down his face fired off a round of shots, killing Billy and knocking him into the river. In shock, Tyrone dove into the lake after him.

Just as Tandy and Tyrone hit the water, a Roxxon rig exploded and fell into the lake. As the rig sank into the water, a shockwave pulsed out of it, engulfing the two small figures. Shortly thereafter, Tandy began to emanate with light, while Tyrone was cloaked in darkness. Terrified, she reached out her hand for help, only for Tyrone to grab it. Together, they made it to the shore, where they made their separate ways.

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