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How Can I Explain? – No One Can Pick Up a Phone to Figure Out That the X-Men Aren’t Actually Dead?

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How Can I Explain? – No One Can Pick Up a Phone to Figure Out That the X-Men Aren’t Actually Dead?

This is the latest in a feature that spotlights unexplained comic book plot points (unexplained in the comics themselves, of course, as quite often there are outside explanations, like “the artist made a mistake,” etc.).

Based on some discussion about Cyclops’ love life the other day, let’s look at the bizarre way that the X-Men kept operating in the open without finding out that their teammates they thought were dead were not dead and vice versa…

In X-Men #113 (by Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin), the X-Men are fighting Magneto in his volcanic base in the Antarctic. Things went pear-shaped and Beast and Phoenix are separated from their teammates as the volcano erupts…

In the next issue, we establish two things. 1. That both groups survived but perhaps more importantly (okay, I guess nothing is more important than both groups surviving, but you know what I mean), 2. That both groups think that the OTHER group is dead…

This leads to a powerful moment when Jean has to tell Professor X that the X-Men are dead (Jean doesn’t know that Xavier has had some experience with losing entire teams of X-Men by this point, as we learned decades later)…

And FOR THAT FIRST ARC, that’s all good. No problem with it at all. The X-Men are in the Savage Land, cut off from the rest of the world, so there’s no way for them to know that Jean and Beast survived. Similarly, Jean and Beast can’t know that they survived because the X-Men are in the Savage Land and Jean is not a powerful telepath who can reach out to find Scott’s thoughts…oh, okay, I guess that maybe Jean should have figured things out, but whatever, who knows the precise limits of her powers at the time.

But then, the X-Men come OUT of the Savage Land, and this is when it just becomes inexplicable, and in the case of one character who was appearing in both X-Men and Power Man and Iron Fist, sort of disturbing. Go to the next page to see stuff get really weird…

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