How "Batman v Superman" and "Iron Man 2" Are the Same Movie. Wait - What?

"Batman v Superman" and "Iron Man 2" are surprisingly similar. You may not think so at first glance, but this video might change your mind.

On the surface, the two movies couldn't be more different. "Batman v Superman" came out in 2016, and "Iron Man 2" came out in 2010. One is set in the DC Films Universe, and the other is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But in the video below, YouTuber Couch Tomato breaks down twenty-four story elements the two movies have in common. The idea is stretched a little thin for a few of them, but there are some clever points. Like the fact that both movies have a billionaire superhero, and a scene where the hero is called to Capitol Hill for a hearing on whether they're a nuclear deterrent. Also, both villains lose control of their more powerful sidekicks, both superheroes have a visit from their deceased fathers, and both movies end with the setup for a superhero team in future movies.

There are a few similarities that were missed, like the fact both superheroes are forced to fight their friends (Iron Man fights War Machine, Superman fights Batman), and there's a sexy woman flirting with the billionaire who turns out to be a superhero in the final battle (Black Widow and Wonder Woman).a Also, the fact that neither movie is considered to be very good.

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