House to Astonish - Live! For Alzheimer Scotland

As you may or may not know, House to Astonish is a Scottish-based podcast. We've been teasing something big on Twitter for the past few weeks, and in case you missed it, we've got a big announcement to make!

We’re incredibly pleased and proud to announce our first live show, on 31 May, in aid of Alzheimer Scotland.

Join me and Paul at City2, downstairs at the City Cafe, Edinburgh, for the recording of a very special episode We’ll be discussing the great and the good (and the not so good) of the world of comic books and answer the burning questions of the day. There will be a live Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, and possibly even special guests from the world of comics…


PLUS: How much do you REALLY know about comics? Do you know your Beetle and Booster from your Maggie and Hopey? Can you tell a New Warrior from a New Teen Titan? And how many Robins have there been anyway? Test your knowledge out with the House to Astonish Comics Quiz, and be in with a chance to win some sweet comics and graphic novels.

Tickets are £12, which includes admission to the live House to Astonish podcast, entry to the Comics Quiz and a buffet, and all profits from the sale of tickets will be donated to Alzheimer’s Scotland. Tickets are available to purchase here, and are already going fast.


As you'll see one post down, I was interviewed by Bleeding Cool earlier this week about the upcoming live show, and you can find out more about the background, what we'll be doing and why we chose the charity we did at this link.

We really hope you’ll be able to join us, and whether you are or not, please spread the word!

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