House to Astonish Episode 85

Paul and I are back after our week away, looking at the coming out of Alan Scott, the wedding of Northstar, the crusade of One Million Moms, the Eagle Awards imbroglio, the ever-increasing character cast of Iron Man 3, the continuing success of the Avengers and where Marvel TV goes next. There are also reviews of Mind MGMT, Ravagers and Grim Leaper, and the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe finds that cash rules everything around it. All this plus the best double-glazing salesman, U-list villains and an enormous bunny rabbit.

As ever, we want to her your thoughts on the issues we've been discussing, including (but not limited to) any of the following:

  • Is DC's decision to out Alan Scott the right one? Should they have gone for a more iconic character, or kept Obsidian around by dint of some kind of comic-book magic?
  • Has the comics industry moved on from 1990s writers such as Howard Mackie, or is there still a place for that old guard?
  • Is the third Iron Man movie in danger of cramming in too many characters? Can Marvel Studios handle it, or are we looking at another Batman & Robin or Spider-Man 3?

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