House to Astonish Episode 84

Paul and I have got a tight little episode for you this time out, with discussion of the sad passing of Tony DeZuniga, the unbelievable box office of The Avengers, Marvel's digital exclusive deal with Comixology, Cullen Bunn taking on the writing of Venom and DC's upcoming Phantom Lady  mini, as well as an extended chat about the value of new characters, reviews of Dial H, Mind the Gap and Trio and a grave undertaking from the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. All this plus America's own private Easter, Marvel's relationship status and '90s technobabble.

Our points of discussion from last episode got some good responses, so we're doing it again this time round. This time, we're looking to hear what you think about these topics:

  • How important do you think it is for Marvel and DC to generate new characters? Is it the lifeblood of a company in a creative industry, or is revamping existing properties enough?
  • Is there a place in the market for a series like Trio that's unashamedly old-school, or has that type of series had its day?
  • What can the comics industry do to look after the generation who went before? Should a company like DC be helping out a creator like Tony DeZuniga when he struggles to pay medical bills, or should that be left to organisations like the Hero Initiative?

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House to Astonish Episode 84 - Is The Nazi The Donkey? by Housetoastonish on Mixcloud

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