House To Astonish Episode 83

We're a day later than usual, but we've got loads of great chat to make it up to you with - this time round we're talking about Chris Roberson leaving DC and the fallout from that, the return of Devil's Due and lots and lots of film and TV chat as we look at the impending X-Men: First Class sequel, the Daredevil and Fantastic Four reboots and the potential New Mutants movie, the animated Flashpoint direct-to-DVD flick, Fox's Axe Cop animated show and the Lobo film. We've also got reviews of Popeye, Captain America and Hawkeye and Reset, and the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe does the robot. All this plus Hank Pym's secret vendetta, the Avengers Personality and Little Cabin In The Woods.

This time round, we're also doing a little something different for the gang here at CSBG. There are a few things that Paul and I have discussed on the podcast that we'd like to get your thoughts on, so please chime in on the comments thread with our discussion topics:

  • What do you think has the better prospects of success - Image's revival of the Extreme line, or the relaunched Valiant titles?
  • What has Jeph Loeb written in recent years that you've enjoyed - or is there anything you've found to be particularly bad?
  • Has Chris Roberson's stance on DC's treatment of creators made you more or less likely to check out his work in future?

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