House to Astonish Episode 112

Yep, you read that right - Paul and I are back, and on a (theoretically) regular schedule too. This time round, on a special extra-length episode, we've got tons of discussion of news out of New York Comic-Con for you. We're talking about a whole load of things, including Batman: Eternal, the Dynamite revival of the Gold Key characters, the return of Priest and M.D. Bright to Quantum & Woody, Greg Rucka's new horror series Veil, the slew of new Marvel series, the return of Miracleman and, of course, the ReedPOP promotional tweet controversy. We've also got interviews with Antony Johnston, Greg Pak, Justin Jordan and Charles Soule, and all the usual waffle you've come to expect (except reviews or Handbook stuff, both of which are AWOL). All this plus a 24-hour hype man, a really complicated tax spreadsheet and Alan Moore giving you the finger.

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