House to Astonish Episode 100

It's finally here - the hundredth episode of House to Astonish!  We're joined by Carrie Kennedy, Susi O'Brien, Stu West and Amal El-Mohtar to discuss topic suggested by friends, listeners and comics pros, encompassing digital comics, boycotts, the greatest comics out today, what Marvel would be like if they'd done right by Kirby, favourite superhero movies, reinventions of Marvel characters, the Eurovision Song Contest, pie, monkeys and what goes on inside the human stomach. We've got contributions from Reilly Brown, Jeff Lester of Wait, What?, Steve Morris of Comics Bulletin, Steven Sanders, Al Ewing, Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, Heidi MacDonald of the Beat, Alex de Campi, Michael Kupperman, Stephen Wacker, Antony Johnston, Kieron Gillen, Justin Jordan, Lauren Sankovitch, Andy Khouri and Andrew Wheeler of Comics Alliance, Brandon Graham and Emma Rios. All this plus cake, booze, an alcoholic with a spanner, Wolverine vs Montessori and Wong's hash brownies in our longest ever episode (by 25 seconds).

You'll have noticed that we've had a spruce-up of our design - the immensely talented James Wendelborn has designed our new logos, and you may be pleased to learn that we've put those to good use already in our official House to Astonish Redbubble store - if you want to show the world your affinity for the show there's now a way to do it! You can find it here - it's the swankiest way to combine comics podcasting and sartorial excellence.

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House to Astonish Episode 100 - All Work And No Play Makes Herbie Go Bananas by Housetoastonish on Mixcloud

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Thanks to everyone who's contributed to the show or who's enjoyed it so far - here's to many more episodes.

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