Terror Literally Crosses The Line In The House On The Borderland

Welcome to 31 Days of Horror Comics, where I will spotlight some of the best horror comics around, as chosen by a bunch of my favorite horror comic writers and artists around!

Today's creator is Rafael Albuquerque, the brilliant artist on American Vampire with Scott Snyder (and many other awesome projects, like Huck and Prodigy for Mark Millar, but American Vampire is his main horror comic)...

Rafael explained his choice, "There are plenty really cool horror comics that inspired me, Hellboy, From Hell, etc, but i think the one i got hooked the most, back in the day was The House of the Borderland, a tale by William Hodgson masterfully adapted by Richard Corben. I remembering reading the GN first and than going to a used books store trying to find the original story somewhere (which I loved as well)."

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The 2000 Vertigo graphic novel was by Richard Corben, Simon Revelstroke and Lee Loughridge. It adapted William Hope Hogdson's 1908 prose novel, The House on the Borderland. When you have an introduction by Alan Moore just talking about how good the original novel is, then you know you're talking about a quality piece of source material.

The story opens with two young Englishmen in 1952 hiding from some angry Irish locals in a bog in Ireland (where the two young men were traveling through after getting kicked out of Oxford).

They find themselves in the ruins of an old estate and find a mysterious journal from the early 19th Century...

The journal tells the story of a man who moved into the estate with his sister and his trusted mastiff when all sorts of strange things began happening...

Finally, the other side of the demon world kicked down the borders and attacked...

How amazingly does Corben capture the Swing Things?

After a stunningly drawn battle between the residents of the house and the Swine-Things, with his sister seemingly killed, he wakes up to everything being "okay," but obviously things aren't actually okay...

He discovers a hidden basement that connects him to another world...

However, he learns that he is sort of trapped here and perhaps that same fate awaits one of the young men who are reading his journal over a hundred years later!

This was a game-changing horror novel at the time and Corben captured the disturbing horror of the novel well.

Thanks, Rafael!

Okay, folks, more tomorrow!

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