Some House/Powers of X Inconsistencies Are Stories to Be Told, Hickman Says

Fans understandably have many questions after the conclusions of Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X. Why are some characters acting differently than before the two series began? Are there any negative side effects to the new ability to bring deceased X-Men back to life?

According to Hickman, these are all valid questions, and have been set up with a purpose to be explored at a later date.

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When asked why Wolverine still has his Adamantium skeleton after being brought back from the dead, Hickman told Adventures in Poor Taste, "What the more interesting question is is why does Cyclops need a visor? Why doesn’t Chamber have a jaw? Does the imprinting of the backup of their mind mean they have to be broken in that familiar way to actually be them?"

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"And we’ve already shown a couple of interesting tweaks like Monet being able to assume a Penance form and Warren being able to be both regular angel and Archangel," he continued. "So there seems to be some ability to tweak the finished version of a resurrected mutant. Is that also true about their age? Or about other aspects of their physical condition? What about their gender? What about if they want to be backed up from an earlier version? One that hasn’t suffered a particular trauma or had their heart broken?"

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Obviously, Hickman teed up these potential story threads in order to throw some curveballs into the mutant resurrection process. There are a lot of steps involved to bring someone back to life, and either enemies or residents on Krakoa can complicate things if they choose to. Hopefully, the Dawn of X line of X-Men comics will tackle these questions.

X-Men #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu goes on sale Oct. 16.

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