An X-Man’s House of X Death Literally Mirrors Phoenix’s Original Demise

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for House of X #4, by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, VC's Clayton Cowles and Tom Muller, on sale now.

Multiple X-Men were seemingly killed in the most recent issue of House of X. Almost all of the deaths are treated with a sense of pathos but one, in particular, has significance to X-Men history.

As confirmed by artist Pepe Larraz on social media, Cyclops' death is modeled after the demise of Jean Grey in the classic "Dark Phoenix Saga" storyline by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. In the new issue, Cyclops is in telepathic communication with Jean when he's shot in the back. The framing of Scott falling forward is modeled after the distinct pose that Jean made when she was blasted in the back (albeit willingly) by a laser cannon at the climax of "Dark Phoenix."

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The panel comparison was first noticed by Jordan D. White, Senior Editor for X-Men comics at Marvel, who posted to social media about it. Larraz confirmed the reference, saying "you caught me" in response to White's post. Considering that Scott is speaking to Jean when he's murdered and that the pair have only recently been reunited, it makes the reference an even more tragic parallel to the earlier story.

Written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by R.B. Silva, Powers of X #4 goes on sale Sept. 11 from Marvel Comics. Written by Hickman and illustrated by Pepe Larraz, House of X #5 follows suit on Sept. 18.

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