House of M-Style Iron Man Gets A New Figure

Iron Man continues to capture the popular imagination, especially thanks to his success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While most of the attention as of late seems to focus on the Shellhead's role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, he has decades’ worth of comic book history that are also worthy of attention. To that end, D4Toys has just revealed its new Iron Man figure.

The new figure is based off Iron Man as seen during the 2005 Marvel Comics storyline House of M. In it, the Scarlet Witch has completely re-written reality. In this new world, mutants are the superior species, the House of Magnus runs the planet, and humans are little more than lackeys allowed to live day-by-day, otherwise prohibited from doing anything worthwhile.

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D4Toys’s House of M Armor Iron Man is an incredibly detailed figure, modeled after the Sentinel design Iron Man used in House of M. Carefully rafted and with colors that pop, Iron Man comes equipped with a flight unit that can be lit up by LED, along with a detachable micro-missile.

Standing just 18 cm, the figure also includes a closed hand, a knife hand, three different styles of an open hand, a Cannon, Bullet belt, Flight unit, Pulse beams, Shield, and a Hall of Armor that comes with all the necessary accoutrements that come with a display base. Many of the parts can be linked up to create an even more powerful-looking Iron Man.

The Iron Man #12 House of M Armor is available for pre-order from D4Toys for $200. It will be expected to ship as it’s released in October 2017.

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