<i>House At The End Of The Street</i> To Be Distributed By Relativity

Relativity Media has announced it's set to distribute the Jennifer Lawrence-starring thriller House at the End of the Street. Also featured are stars Max Thieriot and Elizabeth Shue.

The film, produced by FilmNation Entertainment and A Bigger Boat, was shot last summer under the direction of Mark Tonderai. The script comes from David Loucka, who also wrote the classic 1989 comedy The Dream Team (among other things).

The story follows a mother and daughter (Shue and Lawrence, respectively) who move next to a house where a young girl is said to have murdered her parents. She disappeared after the killing and apparently left behind her brother (Thieriot), who still lives in the house. Lawrence's character becomes friends with him and quickly learns that there's more to what happened than she was led to believe.

That's all based on the press release. I don't know anything more about the movie than that. Lawrence gets to strut around as Mystique in X-Men: First Class, though, so it's relevant to your interests. Also, there's nothing ever wrong with a wacky suburban thriller. The Good Son remains a personal favorite. Can House at the End of the Street top it?

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