Hotel Oblivion's Finale Introduces An All-New Umbrella Academy

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #7 by Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá, Nick Filardi and Nate Piekos for Blambot, on sale now.

The Umbrella Academy has been known for shocking revelations over the course of its three volumes. In Hotel Oblivion, most of those have revolved around Sir Reginald Hargreeve's prison and the deep, dark, dirty little secrets he kept locked away there for decades.

With those foes now escaping and ravaging the Umbrella Academy's city, it's more than just the past coming back to bite them in the behind. The war that erupts places an enormous question mark over their future, because an all-new Umbrella Academy emerges to save the day, leaving Luther, Diego, Five & Co. with more questions than answers.

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In the series finale, aptly titled "Reunion," the main Umbrella Academy struggles to contain threats like Dr. Terminal, Perseus and Medusa. They're vastly outnumbered, and everyone has taken quite the licking. However, as the issue winds down, new heroes arrive to take down the villains. They're wearing costumes similar to what the Academy wore (except these newbies are rocking red, with a bird emblem) when Reginald had them in action before his death. They even sport near-exact masks.

More so, they're an efficient tactical unit, operating in way Reginald envisioned for his adoptive children. The leader reveals he's Number One as well, which is fitting as he uses his super-strength to crush goons. The others, however, are more mysterious: one woman turns into ravens to kill her foes, and another uses a Cyclops-like laser blast, while someone, or something, with a glob for a head can harm himself and channel that pain into his opponents.

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We don't see everyone in action, but it's all over the news that seven super-powered individuals have arrived, harking back to when the Umbrella Academy made its debut decades earlier. Five and his family are all drawing a blank as to who these folks may be, although hints have been dropped throughout these seven issues that these imitators have something to do with Mother, the robotic caretaker of Reginald's children.

We've seen her trying to get Vanya back on her feet, and apologizing for her mistreatment by Reginald, which led the girl to go mad in Apocalypse Suite. The Dallas volume dealt with Vanya's rehabilitation, and now that she can walk a bit, Mother has taken her to Norway to meet people she deems to be "family" -- which is, of course, the new Academy (although they're never referred to that by name).

However, it's apparent they're modeled after Luther's team, and Mother wants Vanya to join them. While the news mentions seven members, we only see six, which may suggest Vanya recoiled from the limelight. As for where they came from, it could be Reginald had a separate family he trained in secret; after all, there were 43 gifted children born across that globe on that special day. He acquired seven of the survivors, so who knows if these were rejects, a second team, or even children born after that initial group.

But we're also not sure if Reginald was even involved. This could be Mother's way of showing him how to create a proper team. She's been sentient throughout the series, so there's a chance she might have done things her way, recruiting these students on her own and hiding them away. It's uncertain as well if they're clones or experiments, and so, the five remaining volumes have a lot of explaining to do. In addition to Mother, we've also met Deever, a pink-haired man who has the same vibe as Reginald, so who knows, maybe he's another alien with the same vision to create an army for good.

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That said, it's been a bumper ride, and this cliffhanger depicts Calhoun, a government agent, ready to rally the nation's troops to begin a crackdown on super-powered people. With another city nearly destroyed, he views them as a danger to the populace, and it seems heroes might be hunted soon. Either way, there will be two Academies to take down, so hopefully they don't end up at odds with each other, because a lot of enemies will be gunning for them both.

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