The Rules of Hotel Artemis, By the Numbers

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Hotel Artemis, in theaters now.

As an action film, Drew Pearce's Hotel Artemis isn't exactly intricate in terms of plot. In fact, it's pretty simple: The hotel is a front for a secret hospital where criminals, once granted membership, can come to nurse their wounds. But as star Jodie Foster (who plays the administrator of the facility, Nurse Thomas) indicated in the trailer, the system is built on a couple of things, one of them being trust.

The other, of course, is a certain set of rules, similar to the hotels in the John Wick franchise, which everyone must abide by in order for the establishment to run seamlessly. Given the nature of the characters passing through, obeying these laws are no easy feat, and as the film proceeds to show, breaking them will ultimately blow the Artemis' cover.

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With that in mind, here's a look at the ten rules which must be followed to maintain the integrity of the operation.

Play Nice With Each Other

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The first three rules are definitely hard and fast ones, and if ignored, usually result in violent repercussions at the hands of Nurse Thomas' loyal orderly, Everest (Dave Bautista). The first, "While on the premises, no fighting with or killing other patients," is definitely one which everyone struggles to obey, as per Waikiki (Sterling Brown), his wounded brother and fellow robber Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry) and the assassin Nice (Sofia Boutella) when they meet the wise-cracking Acapulco (Charlie Day).

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The second, "No disrespectful words or actions allowed against Hotel Artemis staff," is also something which the Nurse and Everest make clear won't be tolerated. The third, "No guns or any type of weapon permitted through the gate," makes things all the more interesting when Jeff Goldblum's Wolf King comes to claim an item that the brothers stole from him. When his goons finally make their presence felt, it requires the "protagonists" to improvise, including Waikiki, who makes a 3-D printed gun, and Nice, who basically uses any sharp object available.

The Business End of Things

The fourth rule, "Membership must be paid for, full and in advance," is a house rule that helps to keep business booming, and it leads to a conflict of interest when the Wolf King comes to the doors. He's the owner, after all. However, he's the only one of his gang that meets the entry criteria, which ticks his son Franklin (Zachary Quinto) off because he's, well, a spoiled brat and hates seeing his entourage treated with disdain.

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The fifth rule, "Prior but lapsed members will not be admitted," more or less means if you didn't renew, you're not allowed back in, something which Waikiki's initial crew and the Wolf King's learn the hard way. The Nurse makes it perfectly clear that no matter who you are, allowances will not be made, because the past is the past and for the hotel to continue functioning, they need to focus on the present. So if you didn't ante up, your history means nothing, which ultimately benefits Waikiki and Nice as this keeps the Wolf King's posse at bay, temporarily.

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