Hotel Artemis Trailer is John Wick in a Hospital for Assassins

The first trailer for writer/director Drew Pearce's Hotel Artemis is here, and it is set in the near-future at a secret hospital for outlaws that might as well be next door to John Wick's Continental Hotel, both in style and patronage. The movie appears to have a similar metric ton of action, and the trailer showcases one gasp-inducing star after another, starting with stars Jodie Foster and Sterling K. Brown.

Brown plays Waikiki, who pulls off a robbery with his brother, Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry), though Honolulu is injured in the process. They go to Hotel Artemis, a members-only hospital for criminals to get bandaged up when the going gets tough.

Foster is The Nurse who tends to the wounded, with Dave Bautista acting as her muscle-turned-orderly, and asks only that her clients maintain the Hotel's secrecy and follow the rules of the establishment. Those rules include that there be no violence between patients and that weapons are banned on the premises. Trouble follows Honolulu and Waikiki to the Hotel when it turns out they stole something of greater value than they realized.

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Sofia Boutella, Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto and Jeff Goldblum play various other villains and mercenaries in the Hotel when the fight comes to a head. Goldblum's character is called "The Wolf King," who comes looking for the expensive jewels, hidden in a pen, which apparently belong to him.

The film has a similar feel to John Wick's darkly illuminated aesthetics, and it is hard to tell if Pearce, who also wrote Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and Iron Man 3, is paying his respects to the Wick World or trying to tie-in. Either way, John Wick and its sequel John Wick: Chapter 2 have amassed an army of fans who will be happy to see a comparable action film with a stellar cast.

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Hotel Artemis releases in theaters June 8 and is directed by Drew Pearce and produced by Marc Platt, Adam Siegel and Stephen Cornwell and Simon Cornwell. It stars Sterling K. Brown, Jodie Foster, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day and Dave Bautista.

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