Hotel Artemis Character Trailer Introduces the Criminals

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A new, retro trailer for the upcoming Hotel Artemis introduces the film’s main characters. In keeping with the premise of the film, each character highlighted is some manner of deranged criminal looking for sanctuary in the walls of the hotel, which is actually a technologically-advanced hospital for career criminals.

The trailer also offers a little more insight into a few of the characters who have only been glimpsed in previous trailers. For example, the trailer reveals that Sofia Boutella’s Nice is the foremost assassin in the world and that Zachary Quinto’s Crosby is a daddy’s boy and son of Jeff Goldblum’s Wolf King.

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The trailer also establishes the film’s larger narrative, which looks to revolve around Jodie Foster’s Nurse character and her attachment to Morgan (Jenny Slate). Up to this point, little was known about the Nurse’s motivations, other than keeping a hospital for criminals running in a near-future dystopia.

Debuting in theaters on June 8, Hotel Artemis is directed by Drew Pearce and stars Jodie Foster as Jean Thomas/The Nurse, Sterling K. Brown as Waikiki, Sofia Boutella as Nice, Jeff Goldblum as Niagara/The Wolf King, Brian Tyree Henry as Honolulu, Jenny Slate as Morgan, Zachary Quinto as Crosby, Charlie Day as Acapulco, Dave Bautista as Everest, Kenneth Choi and Josh Tillman.

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