<i>Hot Tub Time Machine 2</i> Warms Up

A sequel to MGM's Hot Tub Time Machine is closer than it's ever been to getting made. The film is closing in on a director, but it seems as though it has also lost one of its best assets.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink is in talks to return for the planned sequel. He also is considering writing the screenplay. So far Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke are all on board to return, with John Cusack as the sole holdout.

While Hot Tub Time Machine 2 could work without Cusack, it would be lacking a good deal of star power. It could be that Cusack just hasn't signed on yet, though. He and Pink work well together, as Pink wrote Gross Pointe Blank and High Fidelity and, obviously, directed Hot Tub Time Machine. Maybe if Pink signs on board, Cusack will as well.

It sounds like MGM is in the very early days of development on this project. There's still a chance it could fail, but THR reports that "if a deal makes, production would be fast-tracked." We'd guess that a sequel wouldn't return to the '80s, but would rather have the hot tub time machine take the film's central characters to a different time period. Fingers crossed Chevy Chase will return as the hot tub's mechanic as well.

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