Hot Toys uncloaks its 'Iron Man 3' Sneaky collectible figure

Ensuring that fans will soon have to build their own Hall of Armor, Hot Toys has unveiled another Iron Man 1/6th-scale action figure -- and, perhaps predictably, it's pretty stunning.

The latest entry in the Hong Kong toymaker’s “House Party Protocol” collection, it's based on the Mark XV armor from Iron Man 3, nicknamed "Sneaky" because of its cloaking system.

While the action figure probably doesn't have a stealth mode, it does boast 30 points of articulation, bluish-black and silver paint with weathering effects, LED light-up functions on the eyes, arc reactor, repulsors and left forearm, three pairs of interchangeable palms, removable chest armor, and a display stand.

The Sneaky collectible figure is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of this year or the first quarter of next year.

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