Hot Toys' Armored Batman is the figure we deserve (and need)

If you're saving up to buy just one higher-priced Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice collectible, it's likely going to be this: Hot Toys' Armored Batman 1/6th-scale figure. That's not meant as a slight toward any of the other releases, it's just ... come on, this Armored  Batman looks pretty spectacular.

Featuring, of course, 30 points of articulation, the figure boasts an armored head with LED light-up eyes, two interchangeable lower faces (let's call them "scowl" and "angry"), seven interchangeable palms, metallic-colored armor with weathering effects, a grapple gun, a grenade gun with ammunition, and a display stand.

The Batman v Superman Armored Batman figure is targeted to ship in the third or fourth quarter of the year. Let's hope you can wait that long.

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