Hot diggity! I can't wait for Free Comic Book Day!

But not for the reason you might think ...

I picked up this flyer at Atomic Comics the other day.  It shows the various talent that will be showing up at the four locations across this Great Basin in which I live.  Notice anything awesome about it?

Okay, let's focus on the Mesa store, which is about four miles from my house.  Who's on the agenda?

Still mystified?  All right, I'll make it obvious:

That's right, suckers, Marat Mychaels!  The comics SUPERSTAR who created Demonslayer!  The very same Demonslayer that I ripped - whoops, sorry, LAUDED - on this very site!  I wonder if I should take my copy to the store and while he's signing it, I could tell him that his comic, with its softcore porn hanging in the office of the Director of Archives of the New York Museum of Natural History and its impossibly pneumatic heroine, is what made me realize that comics were, you know, ART.

This might be the greatest day of my life.  Don't you wished you lived in the Basin of the Sun today, so you might share in my joy?  Yes you do!!!!!

(Actually, that's not a bad roster for the four stores.  Some interesting people will be showing up.  Of course, they might not all make it, but still.  They all pale, of course, in the presence of Mychaels!!!!!)

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