Horror News Trifecta: <i>Grim Night</i>, <i>Them</i> and <i>The End</i>

With the success of Paranormal Activity 3, don't be too surprised to see a lot more horror-movie announcements in the near future. And the best part? They won't all be remakes!

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has picked up a spec script called The End. Written by Aron Eli Coleite, a writer-producer for NBC's Heroes, the story follows three people from different parts of the globe (London, Michigan and Shanghai) as they all deal with the end of the world.

Meanwhile, Universal's getting in on the action, too, with a script called Grim Night by Brandon Bestenheider and Allen Bey. While relatively new to writing, The Hollywood Reporter says the duo has been in the business a while working in post-production, and released an online teaser (below) just as Paranormal Activity 3 hit theaters to help build buzz. The premise is that, one night every year mysterious beings attack a city and kill loads of people. As you can see, these attacks aren't secret, but are still terrifying.

Finally, StudioCanal will bring the horror of the French film Them (originally Ils) to English-speaking audiences by way of commercial director David Alcalde, Variety reports. The original film, which dropped in 2006, follows Clementine and her lover Lucas as a group of hooded figures attacks and terrorizes them one night. This will be Alcalde's first feature film, but not his first foray into horror, as he won a prize at the 2006 SlamDance Film Festival for his short Happy Birthday To You.

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