Horror Hit 'Lights Out' Turns on a Sequel

Things that go bump in the night can be scary, but they can also be very, very profitable. New Line Cinema has greenlit a sequel for "Lights Out," the horror film based on a short by David F. Sandberg and produced by "The Conjuring's" James Wan, reports Deadline. The film marks Sandberg's feature film debut, produced on a meager $4.9 million and already earning $35 million worldwide since its July 22 release.

"Lights Out" follows the trials of a family battling a deadly apparition that can only manifest in the dark. Sandberg made the original two and a half-minute short film, which starred his wife, Lotta Losten, as part of the "Who's There" Worldwide Horror Film Challenge. It was supposed to attract the attention of the Swedish Film Institute so Sandberg could receive enough money to do a longer film. As its popularity grew online, the calls started to come in from Hollywood.

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One of those calls was from James Wan and his producing partner, Lawrence Grey, who saw the potential in turning the short into a full-length film. As Wan told CBR during WonderCon, "It may not be the slickest looking, but I looked at that and I kind of go, 'Well you know what, if we give him the right tools, give him the right support, he might have the opportunity to tell that story on a bigger scale.'" It looks like the gamble paid off for both parties.

Familiar faces will reunite for the sequel, with Sandberg once again directing, Eric Heisserer writing the script and Wan and Grey producing. Sandberg's next film project is "Annabelle 2," a sequel to 2014's "The Conjuring" spinoff.

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