Offenders Assemble Hydra Cap

For many diehard Marvel readers, there was a lot not to like about Secret Empire. Panned for its uneven plot, out-of-character portrayal of major players and a lacklustre resolution, Secret Empire’s most heinous flaw has to be its callous treatment of the Marvel Universe’s most respected hero,

Captain America. Or more to the point, the blatant disregard the story showed for his Jewish creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Cap was created specifically to take the fight to the Nazis during World War II. He became a symbol of justice and defiance against tyranny. He even KO’d Hitler in one of the most iconic covers in comic book history. In Secret Empire, all of this was subverted to service a plot that placed the politics of the day ahead of sound storytelling; using the same bombast and deep-seeded cynicism it was purportedly trying to decry.

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