Hopeless & Garrón Revive "Inferno" for "Secret Wars"

Marvel's "Secret Wars" announcements keep coming at a fast pace, with Newsarama revealing "Inferno" on Tuesday, from the creative team of writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Javier Garrón. The book is part of Marvel's "Warzones" branding (one of three types of "Secret Wars" series) and will take inspiration from the 1989 X-Men storyline of the same name -- except this tie, the bad guys won, with demons taking control of New York City.

The series will center on Rasputin siblings Colossus and Magik, along with pulling in additional players from the original "Inferno" including Madelyne Pryor, N'astirh and S'ym.

"Colossus is a man obsessed," Hoepless told Newsarama. "In his mind, nothing in the world is more important than rescuing his sister from the Inferno. This mission has consumed his entire life for years now. He's failed four times and is going back in for another round. On the flip side of that, Illyana has been living all these years as Darkchylde, the all-evil all-powerful badass ruler of the Inferno. That little girl lost routine was a lifetime ago and her brother's noble quest is laughable."

"Inferno" is scheduled to debut from Marvel in May, the same month as the start of the main "Secret Wars" series from Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic.

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