Hopeless & Bagley's "All-New X-Men" Join "Apocalypse Wars"

In the recent relaunch of "All-New X-Men," Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley continue to expand the adventures of the original five X-Men -- Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington III -- as they navigate the future they're stuck in. However, this time around they're joined by a few of more recent characters, including Evan, a clone of Apocalypse.

Hopeless spoke to Newsarama about how his title will tie into "Apocalypse Wars," an X-Men crossover event announced earlier today. He teased how, starting in issue #8, the series will explore Genesis' origins and the baggage it includes.

"This event came together so organically that it doesn't really feel like I'm tying into a crossover," he explained. "More like... Oh, it's time to tell our big Apocalypse story. When Jeff Lemire, Cullen Bunn and I were cooking up our respective X-Men stories, each of us had the germ of big weird Apocalypse we wanted to tell. Mine centered on Evan and how he chooses to deal with his supposed destiny. Jeff's had something to do with hot and spicy pickles, and I think Cullen wants to create evil anthropomorphized horses. We decided to dovetail those stories together and line up our schedules a bit."

"Our book is all about these heroic, optimistic teenagers with big scary destinies the world expects them to fulfill. Evan is probably the most optimistic and his destiny is absolutely the scariest. This kid is supposed to take over the world as 'roid rage Hitler. Somehow he almost never lets it get him down. In 'Apocalypse Wars,' we're going to make Evan deal with that destiny much more directly and see if he can maintain that optimism," he added.

He also teased what's ahead for his characters, saying, "Two of our team members in particular come out of this very much changed. There will be several interesting twists in the road coming up for our road trippers... 'Apocalypse Wars' is very much an Evan story with one or two of the other characters playing major supporting roles."

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