Hopeless, Anka Revisit "House Of M" During "Secret Wars"

The LA Times' Hero Complex has unveiled the latest of Marvel's many "Secret Wars" series. "House Of M," which was initially teased way back in October of last year, will team writer Dennis Hopeless ("Spider-Woman") with artist Kris Anka ("Uncanny X-Men") for a return trip to the Magneto-centric reality created by the Scarlet Witch.

The announcement states that the series will be set in the same reality first visited in the 2005 limited series of the same name, except this time Magneto's monarchy still stands and reality has not been put back the way it was. Now the reality is part of Battleworld, a patchwork planet made up of dozens of alternate Marvel realities.

"I really love this version of the Marvel Universe and couldn't wait to tell a story here," said Hopeless in an interview with Hero Complex. "Kris Anka and I talked about what kind of story we'd want to tell and which characters should show up. Obviously a few things have to change to fit within the Battleworld of it all, but we decided to keep it as true to the original series as possible while focusing most of our attention on Magnus and his royal family."

Hopeless also briefly touched upon the book's familial theme -- a topic of high interest to Marvel fans following the reveal in main continuity that Magneto is not actually Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's father.

"The original 'House of M' is about the Avengers waking up in and then bringing down this Magneto dream world," said Hopeless. "Secrets were revealed, the family was torn apart and Wanda depowered most of the mutants on Earth. Our story is a different thing altogether. This 'House of M' is alive and well. Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have the kind of complicated relationships you'd expect amongst members of a ruling family but their world isn't crumbling around them (at least not at first). They drive each other nuts for all the normal reasons."

Hopeless also spoke highly of Anka, who will put his fashion forward sensibility to work on the most regal comic in the "Secret Wars" line. "We're so lucky to have Kris on this series," said Hopeless. "He's not just a fabulous comic book artist and storyteller, he's also a fantastic costume designer. As I'm sure fans are aware, 'House of M' is chock full of regal evening wear, ornate military uniforms and reimagined superhero costumes. Around here even the giant robot Sentinels wear gold-filigreed helmets. Kris makes all of it sing. Namor fans can also thank Mr. Anka for the Sub-Mariner's role in the book. Kris's first list of potential characters consisted of the word NAMOR in 20-point font."

"House of M" arrives this summer.

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