Hopeless and Walker "Survive" For Marvel NOW!

Marvel Comics began the week after Labor Day with a first look at Dustin Weaver's interlocking "Avengers" covers revealing some of Jonathan Hickman's new roster for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The publisher followed with the first in a new series of Marvel NOW! one-word teasers, listing Daniel Way and Steve Dillon above a targeted "Lightning." Today, the teaser image onslaught continues as Marvel.com has posted a brand new Marvel NOW! teaser with the creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker above a blood-spattered word: "Survive."

While yesterday's "Lightning" teaser had a number of different possibilities, the bloody "Survive" is somewhat of a mystery. There are very few characters in the Marvel Universe that are characterized by survival -- with the exception of the mutant Darwin -- which makes this teaser all the more intriguing. More details will undoubtedly come to light as Marvel NOW! continues to take shape.

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